Corporate Social Responsibility

Women’s Month 2018: Making Change Work for Women

PSALM, through its Gender and Development–Focal Point System (GAD-FPS), is committed to gender and development advocacy and throughout the entire month of March, has prepared activities that would highlight such.  


2018’s theme is “We Make Change Work For Women.” 


The opening of PSALM’s National Women’s Month celebration kicked off last 06 March with a talk on Health and Wellness. A speaker from the UP Manila National Health Institute discussed how to achieve overall well-being by being mindful of what we consume. Juggling different responsibilities inside and outside the home, it is important that women be in top shape.


On 12 March, a talk on Smart and Positive Parenting was conducted to aid not just mothers, but also fathers in their child rearing activities.     


Continuing the month-long celebration, a film showing event last 16 March dubbed as Cine Juana where Ang Kababaihan ng Malolos (The Women of Malolos) —a PCW recommended movie—was screened.


Educating PSALM employees on various laws that protect women, a lawyer from the Public Attorney’s Office gave a talk on women empowerment last 22 March. Among those highlighted were laws against sexual harassment, the Solo Parent Welfare Act, and the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act.


A talk about Optimal Health Program and Entrepreneurship was also conducted last 23 March. Attendees were introduced to the concept of the four pillars of optimal health: Exercise, Attitude, Rest, and Nutrition. In addition, they were also encouraged to exercise their entrepreneurial skills to provide more economic opportunities, particularly for women. 


Culminating PSALM’s Women’s Month event is a talk on Naturopathy by Dr. Tam Mateo last 05 April. Recognizing that health is wealth, attendees were introduced to the concept of alternative medicine to restore one’s physiological, psychological, and structural balance.