Financial Management
Privatization Proceeds Generation, Collection and Utilization

PSALM’s privatization efforts generated a total of USD19.97 billion as of end December. Of this amount, actual collection amounted to USD11.66 billion as of this period.

Privatization Proceeds Generation and Collection
As of December 2017
In USD Billion

Assets Generated Collected Balance
Generating Assets 3.612 3.612 0.000
Decommissioned Plants 0.013 0.013 0.000
Transmission Business (TransCo) 6.100 4.046 2.054
Appointment of IPPAs 10.245 3.992 6.253
Total 19.970 11.663 8.307

Out of the USD10.888 billion privatization proceeds utilized, USD10.789 billion or 99.09% was used for the liquidation of financial obligations. The difference between the total amount collected and total utilization in the amount of USD 0.775 billion is placed in temporary investments while awaiting utilization.

Privatization Proceeds Utilization
As of December 2017
In USD Billion

Utilization Amount
(In USD Billion)
Debt Prepayment 1.298
Regular Debt Service 6.726
BOT Lease Obligations 2.765
Other Privatization-Related Expenses 0.098
TransCo OPEX 0.001
Total 10.888

USD1:PhP49.9230 (BSP Guiding Rate dated 31 December 2017)