Corporate Social Responsibility

GAD sponsors self-defense classes

In a world where violence is fact of life, self-defense may be the key to stay safe.


Thus, PSALM's 2016  Gender and Development (GAD) plans and program has included a year-long self-defense program which aims to equip its employees with self-defense techniques in a series of sessions to protect themselves when the situation warrants.


The GAD committee recognized the need to address the issue on lack of preparedness during crisis situations involving our personnel before, during and after office hours. To address this, the GAD- Focal Point System has contracted the services of Krav Maga Training Center Inc. to provide self-defense training to its employees.


Krav Maga integrates instinct based self-defense tactics, with a strong curriculum that trains aggressiveness, fighting spirit, situational awareness and verbal de-escalation of conflict.